2 or 3 Wheel Knowledge Tests. See WA Motorcycle Operator Manual for study guide. Last test given at 2:30pm.

2 Wheel Permit Knowledge Test, 2 Wheel Endorsement Knowledge Test, 3 Wheel Endorsement Knowledge Test are offered during this session.

Each test and attempt is $50.

This is an open testing session, you can take the test anytime during the session. Plan for up to 1 hour to complete your test.

You may register for the knowledge test online or walk-in and pay with cash/check on arrival.

Details Price Qty
2W PERMIT Knowledge Test $50.00 USD  
2W ENDORSEMENT Knowledge Test $50.00 USD  
3W ENDORSEMENT Knowledge Test $50.00 USD  

  • Bellingham Knowledge Testing
     May 30, 2024
     12:00 pm - 3:00 pm