RiderCoach Preparation Course

RiderCoach Preparation Course

Are you ready to take your motorcycling to the next level? Consider becoming a RiderCoach for Cascade Motorcycle Safety. Share your passion for riding, increase your motorcycle FUN, and get paid.

As a RiderCoach you’ll be an active part of making motorcycling better in your community. Your riding skills and experience will expand through ongoing training opportunities. And you will meet lots of new and experienced riders to expand your riding family.

Cascade Motorcycle Safety offers a RiderCoach Preparation Course usually once a year. Space is limited in each course, so if you are ready for the challenge the time is now.

The RiderCoach Preparation Course is an intensive training program of over 60 hours to prepare you to teach the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic RiderCourse (MSF BRC). This is the gateway to street riding that many riders, possible you included, have taken to start their motorcycle journey.

In the RiderCoach Preparation Course you will learn how the BRC is facilitated and practice with your peers in the course, culminating in facilitating a live class on the final weekend. Following successful completion of the RiderCoach Preparation Course you will be a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified RiderCoach and be able to teach motorcycling for Cascade Motorcycle Safety and potentially any of the hundreds of MSF motorcycle schools across the USA.

In addition to getting paid to share motorcycle FUN with other riders, RiderCoaches enjoy other fringe benefits including pro-deals from manufacturers and retailers, tax benefits, and training opportunities not open to the general public. You will not get rich teaching motorcycling, but you will have way too much FUN and fill your moto-soul.

A RiderCoach candidate should be a confident street motorcycle rider. You do not have to be amazing in your riding skills, but you should feel comfortable in your motorcycle control. A RiderCoach candidate should have at least a season or a few thousand miles under their belts, but do not worry if you are in the beginnings of your motorcycle career, some great RiderCoaches began teaching with just a little experience. If you are ready to grow, becoming a RiderCoach is a great way to supercharge your motorcycle experience.

This is the ultimate motorcycle rider side hustle. While there are plenty of opportunities to teach, you do not have to give up every weekend to be a RiderCoach. At minimum you need to teach 3 classes per year to maintain your credentials. Most RiderCoaches teach 6 – 12 classes a year.

Read more about the details in the following accordian. To sign up click the “Register” link below.


RiderCoach Preparation Course Schedule

Session 1Saturday3/16/20248am - 5pm
Session 2Sunday3/17/20248am - 5pm
Session 3Wednesday3/20/20246 - 9pm
Session 4Saturday3/23/20248am - 5pm
Session 5Sunday3/24/20248am - 5pm
Session 6Wednesday3/27/20246 - 9pm
Session 7Wednesday4/3/20246 - 9pm
Session 8Saturday4/6/20248am - 5pm
Session 9Sunday4/7/20248am - 5pm
Session 10Thursday4/11/20246 - 9pm
Session 11Friday4/12/20245 - 9pm
Session 12Saturday4/13/20246:30am - 5:30pm
Session 13Sunday4/14/20246:30am - 5:30pm
Here are some of the eligibility requirements for RiderCoach candidates:
  • FUN attitude
  • Love of motorcycling
  • Enjoy working with others
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Ride motorcycles frequently
  • Wear appropriate motorcycle gear when riding
  • 18 years or older
  • Driver license for at least the past 3 years
  • Valid 2 wheel motorcycle endorsement
  • No more than 2 moving violations in previous 12 months and no more than 3 moving violations in previous 24 months
  • No Alcohol or Drug related traffic convictions within the preceding 36 months
  • Have access to computer, internet, and e-mail
  • Have access to either a computer with DVD and Microsoft PowerPoint -OR- television with DVD player
What does the RiderCoach Preparation Course include?
  • Over 60 hours of in person training  both in the classroom and on motorcycles. (All sessions must be attended for successful completion)
  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training and certificate
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach instruction materials including
    • RiderCoach Guide
    • RiderCourse BRC Range Cards
    • RiderCourse BRC Classroom DVD
    • WA Motorcycle Operator Manual
    • WMSP Policy & Procedure Manual
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation eCourse
  • Optional extra training sessions and class shadow opportunities (not required )

Is there anything else needed to be a RiderCoach for Cascade Motorcycle Safety that is not included in the RiderCoach Preparation Course?

Yes, once you have successfully completed the RiderCoach Preparation Course there are a few steps before you will be teaching classes as a full fledged RiderCoach. There are some administrative items. During the final training meeting we’ll help everyone with how to complete these administrative steps. In addition, each RiderCoach will complete two Mentor Classes under the guidance of a Cascade Motorcycle Safety RiderCoach Mentor before being assigned classes.


  • You will teach 2 classes under the guidance and support of a Cascade Motorcycle Safety RiderCoach Mentor.
  • These Mentor classes ensure you are ready to teach class on your own
  • Your Mentor will support you and ensure everything goes correctly
  • Your Mentor will compile a report following each Mentor class with observations and any recommendations
  • After two successful Mentor classes you’ll be eligible to teach as a full fledged RiderCoach for Cascade Motorcycle Safety


  • Obtain a WA UBI# (Unique business identifier) by creating a business entity (cost ranges from ~$50 to ~$200 depending on how you want to do it)
  • Sign a coach contract with Cascade Motorcycle Safety
  • Apply for recognition on the WA Professional and Business Licensing system as a Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner
  • Complete a W-9
  • Provide a copy of your MSF RiderCoach Card
  • Sign the WMSP Instructor/Examiner Professional Standards document

WOW, that’s a lot! It may look a little complicated all written out, but its not too bad, and we’re here to help and answer questions.

Is it worth it? Oh yes! Until you’ve done it you won’t know how much FUN it is. The money side is good too, you’ll make back your investment in training after 2 – 3 classes.

What should I expect as a RiderCoach candidate?
  • A safe, FUN, learning environment
  • Be ready to learn and grow, the training is intensive and requires a satisfactory level of achievement for successful completion
    • Successful completion and certification is not guaranteed
    • Your focus and effort will be the biggest determinant of your success
    • Passing scores on a knowledge test and skills test are required for successful completion and certification
  • There is significant independent study outside of the in-person training sessions both before and during the course
  • Be prepared to ride at all training sessions, we ride rain or shine
  • Lots of support from your peers and trainers
  • Feedback on your progress throughout the course
  • Attendance at all training sessions is required for successful completion
Training Agenda
  • Pre-course work before the first in-person training session
    • Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse (Approx 3 hours)
    • RiderCoach Candidate Pre-Course Assignment
    • Collect required documentation
      • Copy of Driving Record
      • Copy of Front and Back of Driver License
    • Complete Registration and Application paperwork
      • Course Registration and Waivers
      • RiderCourse RiderCoach Preparation Candidate Application
    • Shadow a BRC class, observe a class in progress (optional, but highly recommended)
    • Attend Optional extra training sessions before and during course
  • RiderCoach Preparation Course in-person training
    • RCP Entry knowledge exam to assess level of understanding of Pre-Course Assignment and identify gaps
    • Trainers will model proper facilitation of the Basic RiderCourse
    • Peer teaching – RC Candidates will practice facilitating classroom and on-cycle segments of the BRC
      • This will make up the majority of in-person training
      • Trainers will provide guidance, feedback, and recommendations
    • RiderCoach Candidate Skills Test
      • RCC’s will be evaluated on the skills test used in the BRC
      • RCC’s will have up to two chances to pass the skills test if needed
    • Student Teaching – RCC’s will facilitate a regular BRC class with live students under the observation and support of the Trainers
      • Each RCC will only be responsible to teach a few sections or exercises
    • Graduation and Administration Training and Final Paperwork
What to bring to RiderCoach Preparation Course sessions
  • Riding Gear (minimum)
    • Helmet compliant with DOT standards and free of damage
    • Eye Protection (eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses)
    • Sturdy long sleeve shirt or jacket
    • Sturdy long pants (jeans, riding pants, etc)
    • Sturdy over the ankle boots (work boots, hiking boots, riding boots)
      • Should be comfortable to walk in for extended periods
    • Sturdy full finger gloves with leather or leather like palm
    • Rain gear and insulating layers as needed
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Notebook and pens
  • MSF RiderCoach Guide and RiderCourse Range Cards (provided to you upon registration)
  • WA Motorcycle Operator Manual (provided to you upon registration)
  • WMSP Policy & Procedure Manual (provided to you upon registration)
  • Laptop computer or tablet (optional – wifi will be available in classroom)
Title Address Description
Cascade Anacortes Class
8624 S March Point Rd, Anacortes, WA 98221, USA
Cascade Anacortes Range
12599 Thompson Rd, Anacortes, WA 98221, USA
Title Address Description
Cascade Range
Bellingham, WA 98226, USA
Cascade Classroom
1 Bellis Fair Pkwy, Bellingham, WA 98226, USA

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